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Drake lookin like that dude who brings pokemon cards to the function when everyone is clearly playing Yu Gi Oh

Snoop dog looks like a businessman

J Cole looks like this one spanish kid who tried to take my money once but failed

Eminem lookin like ya local sociopath

ASAP cooling. Kirko cooling. T.I cooling. Big sean cooling. Wiz Khalifa looks like the type who would spell cooling Koolin and then add “with da fam” even though he’s by himself.

Nicki Minaj looks like one of them girls who would get up in lunch and yell out “I DONT GIVE A FUCK” while arguing with someone and punctuate each syllable

Lil Wayne looks like he smoked and skated a lot, which isn’t far from the truth

Ludacris looks like the type to ask you if you wanted your muffin buttered, and would probably smang some other chick

P Diddy looked like he stressed over his prom date

Not commenting on pitbull

Frank Ocean looks stern. Like if you said something corny he’d just look at you and shake his head.

Jay Z looks flustered

Tyler the Creators ears were bigger than his dick at that age probably

ASAP rocky was fashion forward. Looking like a character from New Jack City

Once again Pitbull doesn’t matter

Kanye looks like a kid who just started getting facial hair and started experimenting with it

I’m done

(Source: nickimlnaj)

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